“MOVE it or LOSE it” is the catch phrase. But while we may like to shape up, lose a few pounds and regain some of our old energy – many believe that gyms are for the young ones.

Health Club 50 situated in Woolgoolga diggers Club caters for the older person who wants to take care of their body and this month’s   “Linked to Life” information workshop speaker was Jude Walter.

Jude explained that with qualified staff, Health Club 50 can change senior’s lives by reducing pain, improving and increasing fitness and strength through specific exercises and programs designed just for this age group.

An added bonus is making new friends, socializing and having fun in a safe environment.

And that’s exactly what were about here at Linked to Life:

“Empowering all individuals to achieve their full potential through

Connections with others, fostering true community spirit”.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding L2L information workshops please give our friendly staff a call 66483650