Registering as a Volunteer with Linked to Life is easy. Simply give us a call and we can discuss all the details and the requirements for you to begin your volunteering journey.

After discussing your requirements with us, we will give you one of our Volunteer Packs, containing all the information you need to begin your volunteer journey with us.

Our Volunteer Handbook contains comprehensive information about what to expect as a volunteer – your rights and responsibilities, our policies and procedures, and other important information about the role of a volunteer.

The first step is to make a time to meet with us, where one of our friendly team will discuss your availability and preferences and work out a volunteer plan that is tailored to your lifestyle, and assist you in filling out the registration form and other documents.

As a government-funded organisation, all volunteers are required to undergo a national criminal check, prior to commencement.

Volunteers who use their own vehicles to transport clients are also required to have proof of current driver’s license and vehicle registration.

If you have a driver’s license but no access to a vehicle, we can arrange for you to use one of our service-owned vehicles. Once this process is complete, you are ready to start volunteering.

Our team will work closely with you to set you up and provide all the necessary orientation to your volunteer role, personally introduce you to our clients, and provide ongoing support and training to ensure your volunteer experience with Linked to Life is positive and rewarding.

What to Expect

As a volunteer with Linked to Life, you can expect to be treated with respect and be valued as an important part of our team.

You will have opportunities to provide feedback and make suggestions for improvements. Our volunteers have rights and responsibilities that are carefully explained to you prior to your commencement with our team.

Regular training is provided free of charge to all volunteers to enable you to feel confident and comfortable in your volunteer role, and we also hold frequent informal volunteer events that enable volunteers to meet new people, raise issues, or ask questions.

Linked to Life team members are always on hand to provide guidance and support, and enjoy sharing a close relationship with all our volunteers.