All our Linked to Life volunteers have one thing in common – they are all caring, kind people who are happy to give their time helping our clients with their shopping, sitting with them at the Doctors or sharing a cuppa and chat.

These small acts of kindness often have a ripple effect in our community by  reducing the isolation and loneliness often felt by our over 65’s in the Coffs Harbour community.

Sometimes it’s because a loved one has passed away. Sometimes there are no family or friends living nearby. We can reduce the isolation and provide opportunities to get out and about and meet new friends.

This is when L2L can step in –  from compassion to action – everyone can do something. We welcomed a few new volunteers at our Linked to life volunteers meeting last week and we are always on the lookout for more.

What you do does make a difference….so give us a call and let’s chat about becoming a volunteer with Linked to Life.  Call 6648 3650 today.

Bud and Paul are keen to get started on the next bus trip!

Katelyn our new volunteer being shown the “WELCOME MAT” by our lovely and smiling Lynne and Lorraine.

Keith has been volunteering for a few years and now his lovely wife Liz has joined the team.

Marlene is always ready for a chat with a smile 🙂

Maurie gives the “Thumbs up” with our Manager Donna.

These two owls live in the Poinciana tree located smack bang in the middle of the Community Village.

Rex had an “oopsy daisy” as he was about to take a client shopping recently. Sadly he missed out on his sky dive which was due to happen the following day. Rex says “It will happen!” so watch this space!