“Chill and Chat” Cafe which is in the Community Village Coffs Harbour and was the venue of our last Interest group with “Linked to Life” for 2019.

Clients and staff welcome one of our new volunteers Karl who has taken on the role of volunteer with “Linked to Life” with gusto! Karl is the lovely fella in the green party hat and  smiling face. We have had some lovely feedback from our clients about how friendly and funny he is. In this photo he is with one of our new clients Shirley.

Many happy, smiling faces greeted me as I popped over from our “Linked to Life” office (also situated in the community village) to say “hello” and take a few pics! Lunch looked scrumptious and consisted of a prawn cocktail, Christmas lunch- Pork, chook, ham, gourmet salads and pudding or pavlova with a cuppa and lots of chatting in between! 😊

Interest groups will resume in February 2020 so keep an eye out for the postie late January and book in for as many outings as you like. If you have a suggestion for places to visit, give us a call 66483650 and speak to one of our friendly team who are always happy to help 😊 Cheers from Carol