Linked to Life specialises in both individual social outings, and a wide range of group activities. Call us today to find out more about our social outings and group events.

If you or a family member feel isolated at home, or have lost touch with close friends and relatives, then our social outings are the ideal solution for reducing social isolation and loneliness. These activities enable you to remain connected to the community, and develop new friendships in a supportive environment.

We can also connect you with our friendly volunteers to accompany you for a morning tea or lunch, a trip to the movies, or any other activity of interest on a regular basis.

If you’d like to meet a range of like-minded people, our fortnightly bus outings, and our smaller interest groups may be more your choice. Our regular bus outings have staff and volunteers in attendance to assist you with any special needs, and include fully modified buses which promote ease of access. They include pick-up and drop-off at your door, an opportunity to meet new friends over lunch, and visit places of interest in and around the local community.

If you prefer to socialise with a smaller group of people, Linked to Life organises morning teas and lunches, which may be more suited to your tastes and interests. Our 12 seater mini bus will even provide pick-up and return to your door.

Or perhaps a gentle exercise class is more to your liking? We are currently offering a Strength and Balance Class. This has been a popular class that targets improving and maintaining your independence and empowerment through exercise techniques especially designed for the mature body. We also have a weekly walking group.

Our bi-lingual staff also host regular group activities for older people and carers from the local Punjabi community, with a weekly Men’s group in Woolgoolga.