If you or your family member can no longer drive, or if you experience changes to your health or mobility that makes it difficult to access public transport or taxi services, then we can arrange for one of our friendly volunteers to help.

We can drive and assist with your shopping, bill paying, and general errands, or we can offer to help you to attend your various medical and specialist appointments.

These include any other appointments you have including hairdressing, appointments with government or other agencies, or to simply go for a drive to visit a local friend or family member, or even access local rail and air services.

One of our friendly and reliable volunteers will arrange to pick you up from your home prior to your scheduled outing or appointment, and then return you safely back home.

Our accompanied transport services are available in and around the Coffs Coast and surrounding areas during weekdays, but we can arrange longer distance accompanied transport, where there is a need to travel to and from a hospital or attend a medical appointment.

What makes our accompanied transport services unique, is the confidence and comfort you have in knowing that our volunteer will stay to ensure your safety and wellbeing throughout the journey.

We will also be on hand to help with the handling of mobility equipment, shopping trolleys, and even carrying shopping bags right to your door.