Sumer (pronounced Sum-air) was born in Punjab India and moved to Australia in Feb 2008, later becoming an Australian Citizen in 2015.

After gaining his Diploma in Community Welfare he joined the Linked to Life team in 2011 as a Coordinator, and more recently became designated Home Care Package Coordinator, currently managing 50 individual Home Care Packages.

Being proud of his cultural heritage, Sumer maintains strong networks with, and is a well-respected member of, the local Punjabi community, through his role of overseeing the local Punjabi Men’s Group hosted by Linked to Life.

Sumer has a strong work ethic, believing that honesty and integrity is vital in pursuing excellent quality outcomes for our clients.

He has fully embraced the Australian lifestyle, and when he is not at work, enjoys spending quality time with his immediate and extended family and friend networks, and being a key part of the local community.



Sumer Singh - Operations Manager