SHERWOOD CLIFFS is a Christian rehabilitation farm near Coffs Harbour that assists singles & marrieds with drug & alcohol addictions – in a very caring environment.

Every year many people from all different backgrounds spend time at Sherwood cliffs.

In this tranquil environment they have an opportunity to confront their addiction and find real answers to their needs based on a Christian philosophy and an atmosphere of love, support and hard work.

This bus outing on 12th June is becoming an annual event. Many of our Linked to Life clients are familiar with the centre and the selfless work of John and Honi over many years.

The centre is self-funded and relies on community support to operate.

Whilst there we enjoyed the generous hospitality of John and Honi, their families, the “seekers” (people who are currently living at Sherwood).

We listened to the history of the Centre while enjoying a hot cuppa and delicious BBQ lunch.

We left feeling grateful for the wonderful hospitality and appreciative for the wonderful work of John and his family provide for our community.

Carol Smith (support worker)